Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rotenberg ob der Tauber

Transportation: 2 trains from Nurnberg to Rotenberg and a sunny walk into town.


Favorite beverage:  Spatlese white wine that accompanied the dinner that I had in the restaurant below 

our bed and breakfast.  Crisp, sweet white wine.  Great with Goulash, sausage and sourkraut.


Favorite food:

  Surprisingly not the Goulash, sausage and kraut meal.  Colin and I stopped for lunch at a sunny restaurant and café and I ordered the daily special which was schnitzel, salad, and fries.  The Schnitzel was delicious.


Accommodations:  Colin and I decided to splurge a little and get a bed and breakfast in

 Rotenberg.  It was actually the Mayor’s mansion when Rotenberg 

was at its height in the 13th century or so.  Very cool place and sweet little old German lady’s provided great service.


Favorite Sights:


1.)   Walking around the wall of the walled-in city.  The head clearance was low, about 6 feet 6 inches, and had me ducking from time to time.  Colin, a 6 foot 7 inch man, was fit to be tied.  Check out the great picture of him hunched over while walking in the wall.

2.)   The crime and punishment museum.  That’s right, an entire

 museum devoted to

 instruments of torture.  Note: the executioner’s axes.  The one on the bottom is Turkish.

3.)   The Castle Gardens.  At the sight of the original castle, now lie beautiful g

ardens just starting to hit their spring stride.  The payoff at t

he end of the gardens is a view of the

 Tauber river and a beautiful German countryside and

 accompanying valley.  Gorgeous.

4.)   The Night Watc

hman Tour.  This 8 pm tour consisted of a 45 year old dude in a black cloak, an axe, and a lantern escorting dozens of Americans around the main square and stopping every 5 minutes to point out some small nuance on a building that related to Rotenberg’s rich history.  I don’t know why I’m trying to make fun of him- I totally enjoyed it.  He was corny, made bad jokes, and I ate it up.  Learned a lot about the history of Rotenberg and was happy to drop 5 Euros in his hat in the end. 


Most commonly used words:

“They really did that?” Completely in reference to the torture museum.  Thumb screws, shame masks, drunk tanks, violin clamps, execution axes and mallets, and chastity belts.  The answer was “Yes, they really did do that!”


Susan Iverson said...

That photo of Colin is hilarious! Not exactly built for the likes of him. A lot of history to be had in that city.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am totally tripped out by the knives and what not....yuck!!!
Kind of freaky to think people can be so cruel to others....

St Augustine Florida has all these 'ghost tours' you can go on...your tour guide reminds me of just that!!!

Jen Wicks

Anonymous said...

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