Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Transportation: We arrived in Nurnberg by train from Munich.  There was a fatality on the train tracks and almost all trains were cancelled on this route.  We caught the last one out (after boarding 2 cancelled trains) and it

 happened to be a high speed train and got us there much faster than the other two would have (oh yeah, we caught it with 1 minute to spare before departure).


Favorite Beverage:  Following a tip from my cooperating teacher we went to a Mexican

 restaurant called Enchiladas and got Margaritas at half price during happy hour. (Steve- of course I ordered a banana Margarita in honor of you!)


Favorite Food:  Although the Nurnberger Sausage was good, and the Bratwerst from the Easter Market was the best Werst that I had all week, the winner is the Beer battered Mushrooms drizzled in a spicy Garlic Cream sauce.  SO GOOD!


Accommodations: We stayed in a hostel that was IN the stable of an old castle.  We were actually inside the friggin castle.  The view was exceptional, great outlook over the down town of Nurnberg.


Favorite Sights:

1.)   Easter Market in the downtown market.  Cool vendors, great food, nice atmosphere.

2.)   German National Museum.  Great history of Germany and awesome Knight and Midievil


3.)   Irish Bar on water- again by suggestion of my cooperating teacher.

4.)   View from Hostel and adjacent castle.

5.)   BarFusser- another cool Bier Hall with a fun atmosphere.

6.)   Globe- the oldest known spherical interpretation of the earth.


Most commonly used Words:

“holy crap, is this where we are staying?”- I know its not in German, but Colin and I kept saying this.  We couldn’t believe the location of our hostel.

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Susan Iverson said...

I never got to make it here. It sounds like a place you needed more than one day to experience. I love your commentary on the food, drink and lodging. It makes me feel like I was there somehow. Isn't that the point?

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