Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spontaneous Planning

Bought my plane ticket this last week! Found a non-refundable flight from Seatac to Dublin airport and back for $746. Thats the best I can do.

Depart Seatac- 8:30am on Dec 28th
Arrive Dublin- 9:00am on Dec 29th (Happy B-day mom!)

Depart Dublin- 11:00am on Apr 27th
Arrive Seatac- 8:59pm on Apr 27th

Next step= Find a job!!!

Also, really getting into "Another Roadside Attraction" by Tom Robbins. Just read about Plucky Purcell's first adventure with the Catholic monks working as assassins for the Vatican.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oolong, Flu, Thanks for Ireland, Eckhart Tolle

I don't necessarily feel like creating a post at the moment, however I have a lot of CHANGE happening in my life and I feel it warrants an update.

Change happening:

I have been reading a book called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. I was exposed to the first chapter of this book on Audiobook via my brother's iPod. The iPod died, and I was intrigued enough to patron the nearest Borders and spend a whopping $14 on the soft cover. It has proven to be very Awakening. I have been inspired so much by this book lately, I fear my writing skills cannot accurately express its impact. Eckhart writes a lot about shedding the egos, emotions, and identities that you usually identify with and awakening to the true Being that you are. I was really relieved when he addressed the fact that the true "You" is not the constant and incessant flow of thoughts going through your head, but rather the person that you are when you are completely in tune with the present moment and aware of the presence of this controlling and practiced ego. I guess what I am getting at is this: I am trying to appreciate the now, now.
If you don't understand what I mean, then maybe you should check out the book for yourself!

In my present moment I am sitting in the Antique Sandwich Company with my brother, about to pick a second pot of tea....hmm go with a black tea, definitely. Oolong again, or switch it up with an Irish Breakfast tea (foreshadow)? I am actually really enjoying it. I love my brother. I can listen to his thoughts on life until the end of time. I am lucky to have him in my life.

Shall we transition to the future for a moment?
Big Change! I am going to Ireland with a great friend, Curt. I know it is random, but it is a pretty special opportunity and I and seizing it! It is with a program called BUNAC under a student work visa. The visa has a limit of 4 months, with no possible extension. What is 4 months? From December 30th to April 30th. We will most likely live in Galway and search for jobs through Curt and his sister's contacts there. I have done some soul searching lately and I feel like this is a great opportunity to explore and understand myself, share an amazing experience with an equally amazing person, and once again throw myself into a somewhat random situation in which I must shape-shift and adapt. I thrive in that adapting. Luckily I have wonderful parents who are okay with me, as a 23 year old, not being sure what he wants to do with his life. I look at friends with stable jobs, marriage, buying houses, Kids soon? and I realize how many different paths there are in life. That is not my path and I do not know if it ever will be. I am still very dependent on my parents, emotionally and financially, and if I return in April with no money, still no car, and still no job- they will still love and support me. I am so thankful that they support me and allow me to have a crazy adventure like this. I love them very much.

In other news, I got hired as a substitute teacher for the Peninsula School District. Finally! No thanks to Tacoma Public Schools. I should be able to sub next week! I think I'll try to free up a few more mid-week days in my Harbor Greens schedule to sub :)

I had a great Halloween, as the Swine Flu, and subsequently think I might have the dang virus. I have not been able to stop coughing for the past week. It is not a productive cough, but a persistent lil bugger and all the theraflu, alka seltzer, and dayquil in the world isn't taking it down. My abs are sore from contracting every time I cough. Even with the negativity of this cold, I feel an overwhelming sense of contentment right now. I am happy.

Thanks for reading, I welcome your words- let me know your out there and more posts will follow!

ps- I don't know why I rhymed this blog post title with Patrick Swayze's sub-par movie as a drag queen, "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" just felt right at the time.

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