Sunday, January 24, 2010

We have arrived on the farm!
After a week and a half of waiting, we are finally here and happy. For those of you who I have neglected to update, Curt and I are now working on an organic farm in Athenry, Ireland. It is a small town about 20 Km outside of Galway. We could not find work, and decided that perhaps Wwoofing would be a more suitable option for us. We are really excited to have purpose, after a few weeks of basically being lazy bums and trying not to spend money.

We did have time to create a video postcard for all of our loved ones back home. It is ridiculous. Please be accepting of the horrible stereotypes that are presented in it and know that we portray them only to make fun of ourselves and not the cultures that they mock. We realize that none of these stereotypes are accurate. With that being said, enjoy Curt and I making asses out of ourselves. We mainly made this video to occupy ourselves for a week (well...less) and to show you around Galway and surrounding areas. All of the tracks were created using Garage Band, and we are sort of proud of the finished product. It was a lot of fun to make and to have an excuse to be goofy.

We plan to make a few more videos of our advntures, so stay tuned for video postcard theme?

Hope you all are well! I think this week we might attend a yoga and meditation classes in town with the couple that owns the farm. Maybe an Irish step dancing class too! Wish us luck :)

Love love love.


Susan Iverson said...

It seems like every day will be a new adventure from now on. Enjoy this time in your life. You deserve it.

Living in the Now said...

What I wouldn't give to see that Irish step dancing class!! Glad you finally found a place to work!! And love love love the video!!!

Manoah said...

Top of the morning to ya!!!!

hahaha missin' you guys!

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