Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve and Howth

New Year's: We left for Temple Bar (meh) with a handful of people from Lyon, France. Instead of paying for an overpriced pint in one of the "pub's" in Temple Bar, we decided to bring our own and lap it up with the rest of the drunkies in the street. It was a great choice. The hour before the clock struck midnight was filled with snow! Light, fluffy, fun snow. We we slip slidding away.

We made it to Christ Church Cathedral for the countdown and to hear the amazing bells from the cathedral. This was a gathering spot for all sorts of people- the Time's Square of Dublin, if you will...only much less people.

We then picked up a group of Italians and a few Americans and headed to a few pubs, payed for the overpriced Guinness, and danced our butts off to crappy American tunes like Ghostbusters, Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark, Footloose, and Men Without Hats. It was a blast.

I can proudly say that I woke up at 9 am, not hungover, and ready to charge the day. Curt and I took the DART train to a nearby coastal town of Howth and enjoyed some spectacular views.

We leave for Galway in 30 minutes. Love to all! Bon ani, buon anno, feliz ano nuevo, happy new year!



Susan Iverson said...

The adventure continues. Can't wait til I have an address to send things to you. As always, be safe.

Living in the Now said...

Sounds like you're already have one hell of a time!! I'm super jealous, but will hopefully get to join you in the whole going back overseas adventures within the next couple months! Don't get into too much trouble and make sure you keep postin!!! Love ya...miss ya!!

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