Sunday, January 31, 2010

I want more Moher!

**Please view the previous blog for some recent pics of farm life & the chalet**

Whew, what a day! Started off waking up to the annoying ping of the alarm and the relentless sun shining through the shades. A clear night resulted in a light frost blanketing everything as far as the eye could see. I knew it was going to be a great day.

Just the night before we contacted a friend living outside of Galway and asked if she would like to go on a hike sometime soon. The text response was quick and direct "How about tomorrow? Half 9? Need a pick up?" Yes, yes, and yes.

The question was "North or South?" After a quick look at the forcast, it was decided that we stood a much better chance of sun if we headed South. Beautiful, close, and hiking trails abound were the famous "Cliffs of Moher" (pronounced Mo-Her, strong "H") and The Burren.

After a brief attempt to enter the cliffs through the back side of the trails via a local farmers fence, we decided lets find parking closer. We refused to pay the 8 Euro to park in the car park and found an abandoned stone house about 1 Km from the entrance. As we walked into the Cliffs of Moher park, we somehow missed the gate and entered at no charge. Relax, I don't feel guilty. They have turned this beautiful creation of mother earth into a tourist circus, exploiting foreigners and locals alike by nickel and dime-ing them at every chance. This gorgeous place, and I mean magnificently gorgeous, is for all human kind to enjoy and my hard earned euros are not going to go to the Irish Gov in Dublin (who provided no funding for the park- it was all outside grants and donations, a lot of them American!) just so I can enter a natural wonder. Enough of that, we got in for free and it was worth every penny!

We then hopped a small fence that was hardly trying to restrict people, displaying in tiny print "No Trespassing" and "Do not enter." As we do this the rangers watch countless people do the same in search of even more magnificent views down the coast.

Needless to say, it payed off. The sun was shining its brightest among the friendly puff-clouds as the wind swept up the walls of the cliff, letting you know just how powerful of a place it truly was. I was impressed with Connemara, I might have been even more impressed with the Cliffs.

We continued to lazily walk along the path and take hundreds of pictures. Found a nice spot to eat our fruit and PB&J's for lunch. Oh yeah, I tried to push Curt off the cliff...

We were moving so slowly and staring out into the ocean, back to the cliffs, and around at the sun and bay to our backs that hours passed without us really even noticing. Not once did I get tired of staring at the same cliffs. I could have set up camp and stayed there all day.

As the sun started to descend lower and the trail had no new developments ahead, we decided to call it a day and head back. A very successful day. On our way back home, we took some back country roads that rival any I have every seen anywhere. We popped out on a slightly bigger road and stumbled upon a Dolmen (ancient stone structures believed to be used as tombs or for worship, circa 3000 b.c.).

As we were entering town, almost at our doorstep, we ran into a large rainbow. This wasn't your garden-variety (sky-variety?) "oh wow, lets move on" rainbow, this was a strong spectrum, full rainbow. We could see one end, the entire arch, and the other end. It was the first full rainbow I think I have ever seen. It was a magical ending to a very special day.

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p.s. Curt and I have an idea for our next video! Stay tuned :)


Susan Iverson said...

This whole area looks so beautiful. Aren't you glad you are able to experience it all. Just be careful. Those cliffs look dangerous.

Kale Iverson said...

jesus h. christ, that shit looks amazing dude, you are one luck S.O.B.

All moved into the new house, its radical fantastical can't wait to have you home!

Susan Iverson said...

I want more Hal!

Manoah said...

Awesome picture blog amigo! I am lookin' forward to that next video post card ;)

Anonymous said...

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