Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Holiday Stress" or "Wearing your Sleeve on your Heart"

Had a bit of a mental freak out today. How, ladies and gentlemen, how am I going to get everything done? I could give you a list of everything in my life causing this stress, but I'm done thinking about it. There is never enough time in the world.

Last year around the holidays, in an attempt to alleviate some of this year's holiday stress, my family decided we would make all of our gifts next year. Brilliant right? We could avoid the unnecessary stress of shopping at the mall or borders or wherever. "We would save a lot of money" I add and "it could be fun!" I imagine my mom said. You can imagine how fun it was thinking of what we would make the next year. Well then is now and future Hal is not appreciating past Hal's decisions.

How ironic that making our own gifts for each other would be MORE stressful, cost a bit MORE money than anticipated, and NOT be very fun at all.

A lot more is on the line with these gifts. You have to think carefully about the person and what they might like and match that up with your skill and creative boundaries. We all are putting our hearts into these gifts and perhaps that is why it is proving to be so much more stressful. It is hard being this caring right? Maybe it is easier to go out and buy a book, cd, movie, ornament, article of clothing, or whatever but it is done with less of your heart.

I wish I put more of my heart into everything I do. It is a hard thing to do because it leaves you more vulnerable, but I think it is the truest way to exist.
Here is your homework assignment: try to put more of your heart into something small in your life. Contemplate what might make your husbands evening more relaxing, call a far away friend and ask them all about their life, wake up early and make breakfast for your wife, plan a spontaneous evening to spend with someone you love. It could be making coffee or an interaction with a cashier or petting your dog/cat or making a mixed CD for a friend. These are only suggestions, of course. Let me know if you notice a CHANGE and I'll do the same.

Back to putting my heart into x-mas gifts. I wish you all success!

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Jill said...

Hal! I like this advice! I hope your "heartfelt" gifts are almost more day until Christmas!!

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