Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I haven't really had time or the drive to do any blog posts this summer.  I am sorry for my neglect once again, but perhaps it is time to give the blog the boot?  I still haven't decided and perhaps I will post when inspiration strikes, but for now I need to focus on comprehending and adapting to the changes going on in my life and worry about posting on them later.  I still track my favorite blogs out there though! So keep posting, until then

Much love from your Halbury!

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Randall H. Sloot said...

No one posts during the summer-so what? You'll be glad you still have it this fall/winter when it's shitty outside and there isn't something crazy to do every weekend. I only check mine in the summer to see if people posted pictures or something, I don't expect much writing and I don't think others do either. You should keep to it! you never know when you'll get the urge. I'm been waiting for just that.

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