Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the Words of Elton John...

Alas, the Traveling Halbury expires.  I have returned from my travels, settled in, and begun the the next stage in my life.  Though I am positive my travels will continue in the future, for now I need to focus on other things in life and I thought a change up in the blog was necessary.

Spare some change?  Why?

One thing that I have discovered about myself is that I resist change.  I don't like returning to my hometown to find 5 new restaurant chains, 7 new housing developments, a Borders, a Costco, and a friggin Jamba Juice- even if it means convenience.  I don't particularly enjoy meeting up with an old friend only to find out that our lives have taken us in opposite directions.  I definitely don't enjoy clouds coming in to cover up the sun that I was enjoying.

But there are new towns to see, new friends to make, and sun waiting to evaporate any obstruction.  It is ironic to consistently resist change when I find myself in such a transitory part of my life.  Returning from travels, finding a home, finding a job, low on money, and with no real plan or direction.

This blog is a creation to help me accept the many changes that I am sure to encounter in the coming moments of my life.  Some change is bad, some change is good, but change is always constant.  I hope to embrace the good and the bad, let it change me, and adapt to the new circumstances that it may create for my life.

I ask you, loyal blog readers, to think about change in your life (be it good or bad)- Can you spare some change?

-in the words of Elton John "Change is gonna do ya good!"


brooke said...

I have to say that this picture looks exactly like how I remember you from the one time I met you at Blue Lake. Too cute. But also trouble. Here's the story:

Living in the Now said...

Love the new picture!! So cute! I totally agree with you about all the new things that have popped up in our absence. It's very unsettling. And then the adjustment of being home...crazy! But change is definitely something that happens no matter what, so we just gotta take it and run with it.

You're such a great writer and I'm so glad your back to blogging!!!

Susan Iverson said...

You may move, you may make new friends, lose old ones, you may get a new job, quit one or even languish without one for awhile. But never, I mean never, will the importance of you being you ever change. Just as Grandpa Wicks used to say, you are always going to do something special because it is just who you are. The other thing that will never change is the fact that I love you more than you love me! Mom

Anonymous said...

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