Monday, May 18, 2009

Me Voy

Chao Barcelona, 'ello London!

Today I take off on a budget airplane, Easyjet, and return to London.  I will spend a nice quite evening in my hostel, probably not be able to sleep, and wake up to meet Kale at Heathrow.

With the sweet smoldering of my first actual sunburn, I know that summer has begun.  Usually summer represents new smells, bright colors, listening to music and camping.  It means that I can finally bust out that Otter Pop box that has been waiting for me in the freezer.  It means that often times I will wake up in the morning smelling like the smokey bonfire from the night
 before.  It means friends and family.  It means I have time to catch up on some leisure reading.  Summer offers the chance to relax, and actually do everything that helped get you through that
 long, cold winter.  But this year, Summer means something else.  Right now,  it means traveling.  It means trying to find sun tan lotion in a completely new city that doesn't speak your language.  It means eating at least one Doner Kebap a day.  It means waking up to the wonderful sound of your hostel-mates alarm clock.  It means seeing sights, checking things off the good 'ol "Life To-do List," and taking a wealth of pictures of the entire thing.  This summer
 it means learning how to say "Excuse me, does this have red cabbage in it?" in Romanian, or "Is this toothpaste approved by the Teeth and Gum Association?" in Italy, or even brushing up my Spanish and asking "Excuse me, kind vagrant, would you mind not resting your head on my
 shoulder while we are on the metro?" in Barcelona, Spain.

Yes this summer, El Verano de 2009, will forever mean something completely different to me.  I am excited by the opportunity to travel with my best friend and brother, and intrigued about what ridiculous stories we may have to tell about it.

Here are some photos of Barca thus far.  Wish me luck and let the sibling sightseeing begin!


Living in the Now said...

That market was incredible!! Glad you had a great time in Barcelona and am totally jealous you get to go back to England. Have a great time traveling with your brother and take LOTS of pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you boys!! Have a great time living in the moment! Take a ton of pictures as we will make u share them with us over and over again!! Have lots of fun and we look forward to see you guys soon!!!!
Jen and the Wicks crew =-)

Anonymous said...

I have a new buddy for you to meet! Hope all is well. Travel safe!


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