Saturday, May 2, 2009


In about 5 hours I will be on a plane from London to Barcelona to visit (and mooch off of) my good friend Lilli.

I am so excited! I watched a documentary last night on Gaudi, and it seems like the entire city revolves around his architecture. It is some really eccentric stuff, i cant wait to see it in real life. The beach!! THe weather in BCN is supposed to be incredible as well, so I will spend a considerable amount of time on the beach...also a trip to Granda? We will see, Les we will have to work that out with Alba.

With this excitement of upcoming travels, comes a lot of sadness. ONce again I leave people behind that have been incredibly nice to me. Teachers, staff, community memebers, my students, and most of all the other student teachers that I bonded with. They are a great group of people and it will be different not having them to vent all of my teaching frustrations/blunders on.

Halbury followers. I am sorry that I have not posted recently, it has been a rough couple of weeks preparing to leave, check for photos and travel updates soon. Maybe once i get to BCN i will be able to give you all a specific itinerary for my summer travels.

miss you all.



Susan Iverson said...

Please let us know when you are safe in Barcelona. Your life just seems to move from one adventure to another! Hope each one gets better and better. Love, Mom

Kale "Massuucikili" Iverson said...

Hey man, have fun, but make it to london, not panama adventures this time OK?

BE SAFE love you.

leslie said...

Hey, I am jealous of your spanish adventure but soak it up for me! Looks like everything will work out for granada u just need to communicate with her. Also, linds' ex Alejandro is in madrid and she sent him a message about you as well so maybe that will all play out as well! have fun Halbury! keep in touch!

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