Thursday, March 12, 2009

Travel plans set!...well some of them

So today I booked the following:

London to Barcelona and back!

I will be visiting my good friend Lilli in BCN while she is teaching ESL to all sorts of ages. Lilli and her roommates have been kind enough to offer me a couch for 2 weeks!!! Such a nice gesture. Hopefully I will be an excuse for them to get out and about and do some traveling. From the sound of it she has not been able to get out too much. I will return to London on May 19th and wait for my brothers flight the next day (and hope not to have another Costa Rica incident :)

I booked London to Salzburg, Austria on April 4th
and Frankfurt to London on April 11th.

Yes that means that Colin and I need to make our way from Salzburg, Austria to Frankfurt, Germany (about 400 miles?) in a weeks time. This is our spring break. You cna imagine stops in Munich, Dachau, all along the romantic road (Nurenburg, Wertzburg, and Rothenburg) and finish in Frankfurt. Maybe visit my moms german family (whats the progress on that ma?) maybe visit my parents good friend Marty (again...progress?) and maybe visit some breweries, museums, and castles.

One thing is for sure....the HILLS WILL BE ALIVE!!!

I must frolick along the Austrian countryside. I must.

Anyways, the internet has been down here and that is why I have not posted. Hopefully this one makes it!

Love from a small island!



Mr. Kale Iverson said...

And then the Iverson brothers Mediterranean Island Extravaganza begins!

UK, Italy, Malta, Italy, Sardina, France, Balaeric, Spain...say it like a Mantra brother.

No more costa rica's though dude, that was messed up...seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, you got's to get me your parents address...I suppose I could just call them but I am too lazy. Squintz Paladoris out!

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