Thursday, February 5, 2009

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I got a package today! From Chris, Jen, Maddie, and Alex! Thank you guys so much! the items were as follows:

A Jimmy Buffett Flip Flop repair shop poster
A bottle opener
A really cool ring swinging game (try to land it on a hook) that I played over at their house
A card game (I am playing tonight with some other student teachers!)
A hand-painted picture from Maddie (I hear they go for thousands on the market!)
and a card from Maddie.

Most of all it made me feel special and loved. thank you so much, I cannot tell you how nice it was to open that depressing little post office box and see a glorious yellow slip in there. The anticipation almost killed me. you guys were really sweet to have sent that, and I greatly appreciate it.

See guys? the type of international acclaim and promotion you could get for sending me a package! Did that sound needy? I dont really care. If you do want to get me a package before my B-day, you should think about sending it very soon though...

My teacher is out for a week and a half, getting minor surgery. What does that mean? It means I am completely taking over the class in my 2nd week of student teaching! I am really excited. We have been getting 2 hour delays all week (they freak when it snows 1 inch here...just like washington!). Tomorrow I start Nutrition and I have made some really fun and interactive lessons. The kids are used to my teachers...interesting teaching style (out of the book) which includes lots of copying vocabulary form the book, writing journal responses, and answering lesson review questions. I think I will win them over in one day! haha. The biggest challenge of this expereicne will be gelling his teaching style with my own.

Mom....dont freak out....I might go to Egypt for spring break! I went to a travel office on another base today, and they have some affordable (kinda) trips that fall right into my spring break. Can you imagine? Seeing pictures of your very own Halbury with a giant Pyramid behind him? Or a huge sphynx? Or atop a sand Camel? It looks like a pretty sweet deal, but I am going to research it a lot more. I still have time.

Also, it looks like Stonehenge is winning the "Where should I travel next" poll. I will put it on top of my list...maybe over this 3 day weekend we hae coming up, eh?

Hope you all enjoy this post over a nice strong cup of tea and crumpets :)


Susan Iverson said...

I'm not freaking out yet but if I don't get to talk to you pretty soon, I will!

Anonymous said...

sounds great! we are so glad you got your package!!! maddie's bday is actually today-so she was thrilled to rec. an email from you!!! we actually have more items for you and she is ready to send the package!!:O) you can always go Las Vegas and get your picture taken with a pyramid behind you!!! i think it would great to go!!!

lots of love to you and good luck with your teaching, you will do great!!!
jen and the crew

Anonymous said...

Egypt sounds amazing! I can't wait to see pictures--no matter where you end up for Spring break :)

something will be coming for you in the mail soon!

Hal Iverson said...

I am so sorry. For some reason I thought her B-day was on the 3rd. Happy B-day Maddie! Another package? YOu guys are too much!

who are you anonymous?! YOu enjoy not signing yuor name dont you?

Anonymous said...

I don't know who the other anonymous is...I think you have a few on your hand. But you'll figure it out when the mail comes :)

Erin said...

Have you fallen in love McVities Digestive Biscuits and Tetley tea yet?

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