Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentine

Okay. I hate valentines day. I'm sorry, but I do. I do not hate spending the day with someone I care about, I do not hate taking them out to dinner, or telling them how special they are to me, and I don't really hate the hard little candy hearts either. What I hate about the holiday is the fact that I feel like a piece of poo if I don't buy "that special someone" candy, or flowers, or jewelry, etc. Do you know how much flowers run a guy nowadays?...thats beside the point. I hate the phrase "that special someone." I don't really like watching couples on Valentines day either, especially if I am not in a relationship.

With that being said, there has always been a soft spot in my heart on a day full of hearts. That soft spot belongs to my mom. No matter what, she has always been my #1 valentine. Whether I have been in a relationship, just left one, not even thinking about one, or wishing I was in one....she has been my valentine. Not only has she been the most consistent valentine, but she has been a very caring and loving valentine. The type of Valentine that you know does not need to tell you she loves you on the most superficial holiday ever, but does it because she really does...and she wants you to know that everyday. Now I know this cheesiness is all a part of this crappy holiday, but it is true. my mom is great. And I love her.

So mom, here's the big question...WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE....again? I love you and even though I did not receive your V-day package in time, I cannot await to open it on Tuesday when I return. I will be away in France (thank goodness not in Paris) so I do not know if I will have internet. Regardless I love you and miss you, and I don't need a special day to be able to tell you that.

On a different note, the 8th grade girls have become very aggressive at LMS. Do you remember me talking about some girls switching into my health class because of the new, young student teacher? Well with each time that I ignore their remarks in the hall, they become more aggressive. Like sharks. Little, girly, 8th grade, sharks. Today my path was blocked in the hall by a pack of them. I panicked. They had me cornered. They said "WOOOO" loudly. I made my way out of the circle and ran away feeling like a violated....alter boy. As I walked away they whistled the classic "wheeee, whoooo" like construction workers to a female passer-by. It was sick. And wrong.
The middle school had a valentines day dance this evening as well. The same group of sharks cornered me on the dance floor and pummeled me with questions like "How old are you?" or "Do you have a boyfriend...I mean girlfriend?" or "Are you going to teach here?" "Whats your favorite song?"
I didn't know what to do, but cut the chit chat short and give them a stern look and walk away. Cue the whistling again. Since when do middle school girls express this type of aggression? I dont like it. How the hell am I goign to teach sex ed. to them? haha.

Tomorrow I leave for Lille france and all the wine, cheese, bagettes, and snails that I can eat. Wish me luck, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY you bunch of saps! :)


Anonymous said...

See I told you they were bad!!! Do find yourself alone...are you just sucking up to get a better bday gift from your mom and dad??? =)

hopefully you will have several bundles to open!!!! Have and um, watch your back. Soon u will get the 'love' letters.... ;o)


Susan Iverson said...

I know you meant for me to cry when I read this. Well, congratulations, I did! Like a baby. An no Jen, he wasn't just sucking up. I miss your hugs but not your love cuz I feel it every day. Thanks for being you and I hope your Valentine's Day traveling to a new adventure is lots of fun. Not to mention the birthday still to come. By the way, you can't blame the little ones for their little crushes but be careful! Girls can be brutal!

Anonymous said...

Oh buddy, I loved this last post. Your going to have a lot of fun with sex-ed. Middle schoolers are nasty, remember Ms. Clarks classs. Oh buddy. good luck and enjoy France...But not to much... Squintz Paladoris

cameron said...

I can only imagine how Susan looked while reading this. Such a good little boy Hally! Vday does suck by the way! I had to catch up on some of your blogs and it looks like you are coming away with some great stories and experiences.
The little girls there sound interesting, nice job running away instead of humoring them though haha. Keep living the dream..

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