Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking back, Looking forward, Looking out, Looking in

(Above- a picture of my under a "John Barleycorn" pub sign. I took this for you dad. Google "Traffic-John Barleycorn" to be in the loop!)

Looking back: It was a good week. I taught my first lesson, we had 2 hour delays for most of the week, saw some snow, received a package, and had a relaxing weekend.
Yesterday Colin and I went to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. Now you say, Imperial War Museum? Didn't you go to one of those in London H-bury? Yes I did. this IWM was more of a tribute to planes and the aerial aspect of war. There were about 5 huge hangers (it used to be a british Air Force base) each with its own theme and time period. The greatest, most comprehensive exhibit, and this is not me being an arrogant american, was the American Aviation exhibit. There were planes, jets, airships, fighter jets, fuel jets, cargo planes, everything you could imagine. From about each period of war, from WWI to WWII to Korean war to Vietnam to Desert Storm and more! I felt a real connection to this place. One because I think about how all of this innovation was due to the fact that at each time that each plane was created, the world was in a state (or preparing for) war. War! Where people fight, people die, people live on with scarred lives, and people like me get to live a life free, happy, without major hardship. there was a lot of history in these planes, and I felt it. I also had a connection to these planes because both of my grandparents on the Wicks side were aircraft mechanics around WWII. I imagine which planes they worked on, which planes they saw. The time period that the nation was in. Furthermore, I think about my grandpa Iverson who devoted countless years of his life to Boeing, and during those years the amount of aircraft that he oversaw, even if they may have been for commercial use (I dont think they all were...I'll have to ask him). And now my father, who devotes his working hours to the same company, be it unhappily or not, and how all of these planes of the past, present, and future have all had hundreds of thousands of families surviving on their creation, maintenance, flight, and defense. Wow, there was a lot going through my head to say the least. It was a great museum and I would go again.

Today was spent, sleeping in, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning my room, getting emails sent, etc. Pretty typical sunday.

Looking Forward: This week, I am all alone again. My teacher will be out, recovering from his surgery (he is fine, and on mild pain pills, walking around, etc). So I have about half the week planned out, the other half should be easy to finish today or tomorrow. On saturday we take off for London to catch a train to Lille, France. Lille is a rather large city in the north of France. We chose this place, because we procrastinated on the flights to other places and the high speed train was fairly priced. Also it WASN'T Paris!!! I cannot think of anything worse than spending Valentines day weekend in Paris. I am not a fan of the holiday, and certainly would not want to be in one of the most romantic cities in the world, on the most fabricated romantic holiday of the year (especially if I weren't with someone I was in love with). Right?! Looking even more forward, I am thinking more and more favorably about Egypt for spring break. It is a great solution. My brother is coming in May, and we will be hitting up a lot of Europe. I do not want to do any overlapping with Kale, so why not spend my largest time of vacation before he gets here outside of europe? In Egypt! I will give more details when I know them....I am just really excited for the possibility of it all....

Looking out: It is overcast right now. Yesterday was a beautiful blue sky day. Cold, but the gorgeous kind of winter day that you appreciate. Looking out on my particular self....I am trying to decide if I would like to cut my hair. I haven't had it this short since freshman year in High school, and frankly I dont know what to do with short I comb it? Do people still use combs? or is that reserved for 60+ year olds in a barber shop? I think I want to use a comb. Tuck it into my front left shirt pocket, whip it out and lick it and then run it through my hair a couple of times. No? Then should I cut it?...that doesn't feel right either. I do not know if I can get through the ugly stages of growing out my hair while I have to teach....I can't wear a cap everyday.
Enough of that.

Looking in : I have hit the contemplative stages that come to an individual who is traveling once again. I like this part. I am really caught up in my own head a lot. I have been thinking a lot about my life, my future, MY SURROUNDINGS!, my family and friends. I am really enjoying myself here and I feel like I am in a good place emotionally. I cannot wait for what my future holds, I am such a lucky person and have lived such a blessed life so far. I try not to take it for granted every day.

Mucho paz y amor!


Anonymous said...

a tip from the wicks boys in my house (since you know they can't type, still playing the game....) wash it, towel it off and then apply gel with your fingers, but don't comb it. alex tends to have his a little rustic messy look, while chris tries to get it to stand out a bit, however, it always looks perfect. i am secretly jealous of his amazing hair. he would say what he has left of it, but he still has a head full.

the pictures were great, especially since the boys are playing w the tanks....poor maddie and i...well i am off to the madissen jayne spa. just got my toes done and now she is ready to do my make-up. hope it isn't permanent...those 7yrs olds...

have a great wk. i agree about the whole valentine's thing. yuck. if i only say it once a yr on a holiday, then it doesn't really mean much. but if i tell everyone i care about how much i love them on a daily basis. then they know i mean it. however, chocolate is always nice.....

loves from us!
c, j, a and m too

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

I think you know how I feel about hair gel.

You are currently fighting one of the many stages of hair discomfort on your way towards Uncle Jesse like perfection.

If you cut it now you will be giving in to the man.

And yes people do still use combs. The problem is that they are all rapists and pedophiles, a particular look not to helpful as an educator of children.

I say you either buzz cut it and get a military cut, or just let it be what it is, a slightly unkempt affair, and wait till this summer when its in its full golden floppy glory.

You will have to look nice to get a job anyway. Once that is achieved then you can look however you want.

The museum look cool. Glad teaching is going well. I'm stumped as what to do for you birthday.

Love you brother...!

Anonymous said...

keep it short for a bit, its a nice change! though the long hair was pretty sweet...

good to hear you are enjoying the new mindset!

keep groovin :)

Susan Iverson said...

Need I remind both you and your brother just how important Valentine's Day was to you both in grade school? We spent hours looking for the perfect Valentines to give. They always had to have some sort of candy attached. Equally as important was the number of Valentines you ended up having and especially any handmade ones from girls. Oh, how soon you forget!

Anonymous said...

were you thinking of a specific someone when mentioning sticking your comb in your from left pocket, licking it...etc ? I think Egypt is a must!

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