Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Go Go Gadget Blog

Not much to report, just some quick thoughts.

New beer of the day: The Morland “Hen’s Tooth” English Ale. 6.5% alc./vol. This bottle conditioned English ale was pretty nasty. It tasted like a 40 of Mickey’s Ice with the skunkiness of an expired corona mixed in. Not good. It is a local beer from Bury St. Edmunds, so I really want to like it. I blame the skunkiness on the clear bottle and the fact that it has probably been on the shelf of the shopette that I bought it from for months. Fear not Hen’s Tooth, I will try you again.
Random Viewing: The NBC original series “Revelations.” The DVD was left in a DVD player that some of the staff from my school lent me. It was the only DVD I had to play, so I gave it a shot….I am ashamed to say that I really like it. It is a series about the book of revelations coming true and the savior is a skeptical Astrophysicist turned believer when his deceased daughter begins to contact him through a brain dead hospital patient. It sounds horrible, I know, but it is done well…I think. Maybe I am just really starved for entertainment. The worst part about it is that I only have the first disc.
Rose of the day: I talked to the home economics teacher at my school, Margaret (a peach of a woman), and she is going to let me use the Home Ec. washer and dryer for my dirty clothes!
Thorn of the day: I have to wake up early tomorrow and attend a 3 hour driver’s education course followed by an exam to receive my English driver’s license :(
Random Question: How many licks, really, does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Because we all know that 3 shit is just an impatient cop-out. That damn owl or turtle or whatever it was in that commercial ruined that question for us all. Also what constitutes the center of a tootsie pop? Is it when you first break through the hard candy surface and reach the delicious tootsie roll center? Or does the hard candy essence have to be completely eliminated before the center is considered “attained”? Or is it when the entire tootsie pop, roll included, are gone. Is the deteriorating paper stick really the center of the pop? These are the things I wonder folks.
Random Answer: You know the question, “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” I think the answer is:
He would cut a chord of cornucopia, if you gave him a quarter for every chord of cornucopia he cut….or at least that was Wilson’s answer from Tool Time.

Miscellaneous Thought:
Have you ever had a dream about someone…like someone really random and wondered if they too had a random dream about you at the same time? And then not said anything to that person because you fear they might think it was odd that you were dreaming about them? Well here is a homework assignment reader(s): the next time that happens, tell the person! The worst that can happen is they say “man, that is random” and the gain could be a discovery of an underlying fiber to the dreamworld that connects us all. Haha. I am expecting full reports people. I guess I brought that up because for some reason I feel odd dreaming at a different time from everyone that I know and love. I sleep, while you are all awake. And you, my friends, are sleeping while I am awake. Isn’t it odd that we won’t have the opportunity to meet up in dreamland?

Sorry, this was a completely random post.
Much love,



Mr. Kale Iverson said...

That beer sounds sick...absolutely sick...but its better than some people's current beverage options.

Revelations...I hate it when I watch something that I like even though my better judgment tells me I shouldn't.

I love your rose/thorn of the day...great Idea.

I think the center of a tootsie is "attained upon revealing the tootsie goodness through any part of the shell. I'm sure some internet idiot has actually experimented on this phenomenon but I say it would be too hard to control the saliva variable to reach a definite answer.

How many roads must a man walk down though?

Also, what a badass for pulling out an "Wilson" quote from Tool Time.

I love how I have dreams about people I've talked to that day, like in the dream I can understand that my brain is filing that memory somewhere close to other memories of the person.

HAL! Your blog is fantastic, its making me think about how I totally need to kick mine up a notch. Nice work!

Love you brother, and I'm glad you're not a Casper Milktoast.


Manoah said...

Dude, your blog writing has really hit it a nice stride. I have to say I enjoy the new format. :)

Holly McG said...

Hi Hal!

I just discovered your blog today... Although I didn't have a dream about you recently I was just thinking of you the other day because I received a recommendation from Amazon and it happened to be the Wonder Years on DVD. Awesome, no? If I buy it soon I'll def send you a copy. I'm excited for you and your adventure accross the pond! I have added this to my faves and will keep myself posted :) Stay well friend and say hello to your motha for me (said in a Heavy Boston accent :)

Aaron said...

Hey i read the top story first so... ya well anywho.You have some crazy guts to try something called a hens tooth lol

Peace out cousin

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