Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ah yes, I remember this felling well...

Well I have one week exactly until I leave to do my student teaching on a US Air Force base in Lakenheath, England.  I remember this rush of emotion well.  Stomach in knots.  Can’t sleep at night.  My mind full of questions like: Where will I be staying? What will it look like?  How will I get around?  Who will I meet? How will I pack all of this into one bag?  Am I ready for student teaching? What if I am told to take full control of the class on the first day?  Will there be a grocery store near by?  Will I have opportunities to mingle with the local Brits?  That is the point of traveling right?

For me, before I leave for an extended adventure at a relatively unknown destination, I try to imagine and visually plan out as far as I can.  I do this fully knowing that it will be nothing like how I imagine it (for better or worse).  So far I have gotten to the airport in Heathrow (London).  I imagine it being huge, one of the major airport hubs of Europe, with each “Terminal” being the equivalent of a Sea-Tac.  I can’t imagine much further than that, mainly because I do not know more than that.  I am still unsure how I will get to the base, RAF Feltwell, and I have no clue what my living quarters will look like.  I have been told I will be above a “Youth Center” in a dorm-like apartment- but even that is not guaranteed.

            I suppose I should include a statement of purpose for this blog huh?  I have never done one of these before.  I have a great mentor in my brother, due to the fact that his blog is exceptionally interesting and fun to explore.  Also my empty nester mother has explored the blogging world with great success.  My main purpose is to post photos of my travels, keep my family and friends posted on my weekly life, and maybe to express my thoughts (vent) on being a student teacher.  I welcome comments and suggestions.

            Check for updates often. 7 days! Can’t wait! 


Erin said...

Hey Hal! Hope your holidays went well. Your upcoming adventure sounds so sweet. Good luck and happy traveling.

Manoah said...

Alright first post! Can't wait to keep up with you on your travels. Looking forward to some of those exciting adventures and challenges you describe along the way. By the way, great start with the music. I have always thought you had supherb taste.(super herb hybrid spelling is that right?)

Anonymous said...

We will miss you!!! We look forward to reading the news! Madissen says she already has stuff to send you...my little planner!!!
C, J, A and M Wicks :O)

jacker said...


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